Happiness is as easy as it sounds and as much difficult to achieve. If you ask people if they are truly happy no one would be able to say yes. There would always be something in their lives which they want which makes them unhappy. So is wanting the true cause if unhappiness?
Happiness for me is contentment, to reach within myself and feel the satisfaction of living. If i sit alone with myself i should be able to close my eyes and feel the smile within.
During a normal day there are many things which might give you happiness like maybe looking at your children playing, seeing your loved ones having good health, sharing a moment of true laughter with your loved one, going out shopping and finding the right dress, going out for a stroll and seeing a beautiful sunset.
For me true happiness is when you are sitting by yourself alone enjoying a cup of coffee and feeling contentment.
All the other things can give you temporary happiness but when you see reality, the contentment is what counts.
My happiness would be to feel the sense if achievement that i have done something with my life rather than it just passing by. Happiness would be when you get up in the morning with a smile and the zeal for life. Happiness would be to have enthusiasm towards life and to look forward to each day.

For me happiness would be when i dont have to make the effort to be happy.
I feel having dreams is as important as reality. Happiness for me would be to have dreams and see them become real.
I hope in the end my regret in life is not that happiness was just around the corner, a corner i never turned.