Workshop on Happiness. Register on site or on facebook like here  .

Some of the topics we will explore together on this life-changing happiness workshop are:

  • Why we lose our experience of joy as we become more logical or grow in career & how to get it back.
  • What are false beliefs which are the root cause of all unhappiness.
  • What is REAL cause of unhappiness can set you free in a moment.
  • Are we responsible for our own experience.
  • How to quieten the restless mind through Power of Now awareness.
  • How to identify and clear your blocks to happiness.
  • How to break through the confines of your comfort zone.
  • Does meditation techniques can bring inner peace.
  •  Why developing compassion towards yourself is important.
  •  Why you are important and what is forgiveness.
  •  Do others praise you and have gratitude towards you.
  •  Do i self-accept, rather than self-improve my self.
  •  How can I communicate how I feel to my family.